Currently an opinionated Product Manager & Python Data Enthusiast in Silicon Beach, formerly Harvard'13 and Google Intern, Associate VC and SurfAir Specialist. I was once told that I'm "Geek-Chic" during a pitch meeting, and it stuck. I love all that is Silicon Beach.

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5 years later, I’m finally qualified for the first job I had.

In the last six months, I’ve had several young women reach out to me (and then send their friends) about their careers and it felt timely that I should share a story about mine. Yesterday — January 14th — was the first day I’ve been sufficiently qualified for any of the 3 jobs I’ve had since college. Allow me to […]

Self Driving Cars x Crime

When it comes to the impact of self-driving cars on crime, there are two general threads of discussion: the possibility of re-engineering cars for criminal purposes, and the opportunity to reduce traffic enforcement in the absence of speeding and parking tickets. One thing that has gotten less attention is the possibility for reduced anonymity in […]

The Favor Club: “Paying it Forward,” But On Fire

I love getting emails from Jonathon Youshaei. It’s always something interesting with him: thoughts on an article he’s submitting to HuffPo.  Intro to someone he thinks I should meet. Swapping ideas for Harvard-Penn alumni synergies. Finally taking me up on an intro to his LA carbon copy (and from what I can see, it’s been very bromantic). An […]

Somewhere near and dear to my heart: Los Angeles

For those of you living in LA, I’m sure by now a lot of you have heard about the upcoming election for the Mayor of LA — an election where your vote actually counts. I hope you’ll join me in supporting Eric Garcetti, and encouraging friends and family to do so also. Looking from the outside […]

Is Women’s E-commerce a Woman’s World?

A few weeks ago, a small group of entrepreneurially minded women at Harvard & MIT got together for a dinner hosted by Google Ventures. Unlike most company sponsored dinners, the Google Ventures team was not trying to explicitly hire. Instead, they wanted to spark the conversation about women in entrepreneurship (specifically, tech entrepreneurship). What did […]